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These Photo Restorations May Boggle Your Mind


It’s a well-known “fact of the Internet” that almost anything will look cool if you shoot it in super slow motion—the “Slow Mo Guys” have made quite a YouTube career out of it. But even if you’re getting sick of the trend, watching popcorn pop at 30,000 fps will probably ...

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A Checklist of Things I Bring to Most Photo Shoots


Many of us have done remote shoots where we’re miles from home (or a store) and we forgot one or more key pieces of gear that make or break a shoot. And it’s often the little things: batteries, SD cards, gaff tape/zip ties, plastic bags or specific tools we didn’t ...

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RED Helium 8K Earns Insane DxOMark Score of 108, The Highest Ever


Did you think DxOMark‘s sensor scores topped out at 100? It turns out, no. RED’s Helium 8K S35 sensor just scored a jaw-dropping 108, ten full points higher than the highest scoring full-frame sensor ever tested, the Sony A7r II. Calling this 35.4MP not-quite-full-frame (closer to APS-H) sensor from RED ...

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