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Canon G1 X III vs. Sony Cybershot RX100 V

“,”slides”:[{“title”:”Canon G1 X Mark III vs Sony RX100 V”,”url”:””,”imageUrl”:””,”imageWidth”:589,”imageHeight”:442,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”thumbnailWidth”:120,”thumbnailHeight”:90,”filmstripUrl”:””,”filmstripWidth”:133,”filmstripHeight”:100,”originalUrl”:””,”originalWidth”:1200,”originalHeight”:900,”contentHtml”:”nn The year is 2017. Smartphones have rendered the $200 compact obsolete, and they’re creeping up on $500 interchangeable lens cameras. Things look bleak. But lo! Camera manufacturers have stumbled upon a niche market that can soften the blow they’ve been dealt ...

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Adobe's Project 'Deep Fill' is an incredible, AI-powered Content Aware Fill

“,”slides”:null,”currentSlideIndex”:-1,”slideshowWidth”:590,”slideshowHeight”:442,”disableImageZoomInSlideshow”:false,”fullContent”:”TODO”}); }); The coolest technology to come out of Adobe MAX is, sadly, not the technology we already have access to. Like Adobe’s Project Cloak we showed you earlier today, it’s the incredible ‘Sneaks’ sneak peeks that really wow the audience. Case in point: check out Project Deep Fill, a ...

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FAA wants airlines to ban cameras and other electronics from checked bags

“,”slides”:null,”currentSlideIndex”:-1,”slideshowWidth”:590,”slideshowHeight”:442,”disableImageZoomInSlideshow”:false,”fullContent”:”TODO”}); }); The Federal Aviation Administration wants airlines to ban cameras and other electronics from checked luggage, citing the fire and explosion risk presented by the devices’ lithium-ion batteries. After conducting tests involving these batteries, the FAA found that if one were heated to the point where it caught fire ...

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