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Visual Engineering is Where Photo Art Meets Technology

In its best form, art can lead major innovations in science and technology. The earliest photographers were more like scientists and chemists than artists. Much of their image making process revolved around the technical process of exposing an image correctly. The subject matter in front of the camera was in ...

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Here’s the Number One Challenge for Photographers

One camera, one lens, one film/preset, one year. The “Number One Challenge” is as simple as that, and at the same time incredibly difficult as well. This challenge, at the end of it, promises to change your approach and style as a photographer. I originally got the idea from photographer ...

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Meet a Photographer Whose Camera is Focused on President Trump

Andrew Harnik is a photographer for the Associated Press who’s one of the people responsible for covering the President of the United States. In this 5.5-minute episode of Format’s InFrame documentary series, we get an insight into Harnik’s life behind a lens trained on President Trump. Harnik first started working as a ...

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These Portraits Were Shot with a Water Drop as a Lens

Dutch photographer Robin de Puy recently shot a series of beautiful portraits with unusual camera “equipment.” Instead of using a typical lens made of metal (or plastic) and glass, she shot the photos using a single drop of water as her lens. Portrait Academy reports that the high-tech camera system ...

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24 Hours in the Forest for Only 1 Photo: A Lesson in Patience

With well over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, landscape photographer Thomas Heaton is popular for his behind-the-scenes window into life in the outdoors. On the recent shoot seen in the 11-minute video above, with incredible patience and dedication, Heaton spends 24 hours in the forest to capture just 1 image. This video shows ...

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