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How to Selectively Sharpen Photos with Photoshop’s High Pass Filter

Photoshops High Pass filter can be an effective photo sharpening tool, but its effect can be too drastic for certain areas of your photo. Here’s a 9-minute tutorial from photoshopCAFE that looks at how to more effectively use Photoshop’s “High Pass” filter for sharpening. This method for sharpening photos is great because ...

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Apple’s $4,999 iMac Pro Has Arrived, and It’s Looking Good

Apple’s new $4,999+ iMac Pro just hit stores today after being announced back in June. Based on initial hands-on reviews that are starting to appear, this computer looks like a solid option for photographers looking for a monster computer upgrade. While the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro start at $1,299 ...

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Final Cut Pro X 10.4 adds HDR support, VR video editing, and (finally!) curves

“,”slides”:null,”currentSlideIndex”:-1,”slideshowWidth”:590,”slideshowHeight”:442,”disableImageZoomInSlideshow”:false,”fullContent”:”TODO”}); }); Apple has released a Final Cut Pro X update that adds a slew of new features and expanded support to its video-editing software, most notable among those features being support for 360-degree and VR video. This is a major update for the software, which has been optimized to ...

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