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You can now share live video replays to Instagram Stories

In November last year Instagram introduced a live streaming feature. Since then it has been used by millions, but unlike on Facebook live stream videos could not be archived for watching at a later stage. Now, Instagram is introducing the option to share a replay of your live video to ...

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VIDERE 35mm DIY Cardboard Pinhole Camera Uses 35mm Film Rolls

Are you a keen DIY hand? This do-it-yourself pinhole camera is the brainchild of Kelly Angood. This is her third project involving pinhole cameras, and it’s something that she’s had great success with in the past. Introducing the VIDERE 35mm, the latest beautifully screenprinted, easy to use, do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit. Launched on June 20th ...

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This is the Canon 6D Mark II

We’re about a week away from when Canon will reportedly announce the new 6D Mark II DSLR (June 29), but today we’re finally getting a first look at the camera itself. Behold: this is the 6D Mark II, as seen in leaked photos. The photos were published by Japanese camera ...

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