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Inrigo is a waterproof camera backpack with bluetooth humidity monitor

“,”slides”:null,”currentSlideIndex”:-1,”slideshowWidth”:590,”slideshowHeight”:442,”disableImageZoomInSlideshow”:false,”fullContent”:”TODO”}); }); If you do a lot of your photography in wet or humid conditions, a new crowdfunding project on Kickstarter will definitely pique your interest: The Inrigo is a waterproof camera backpack that comes with an integrated Bluetooth humidity monitor that alerts users via smartphone alert if moisture is ...

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Rumor: Canon to unveil 7D Mark III 'before Summer 2018'. Here's our wishlist

“,”slides”:null,”currentSlideIndex”:-1,”slideshowWidth”:590,”slideshowHeight”:442,”disableImageZoomInSlideshow”:false,”fullContent”:”TODO”}); }); The 7D Mark II has been Canon’s flagship APS-C DSLR for three years. Rumors suggest that it might be about to be replaced, in early 2018. If you’re starved for news from the Canon camp, we’ve got a little something from you courtesy of the rumor mill. CanonWatch ...

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