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How Lightroom Can Tell You What Lens You Should Buy

Lightroom has a feature that can help you use your photography metadata to make informed lens buying and upgrade decisions. In my personal case, Lightroom proved to me that I don’t need a 24-70mm lens. I’ll show you how. Here’s a candid portrait that I shot using a focal length ...

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Shooting Portraits of the Same Model with 3 Vintage Lenses

Photographer Mathieu Stern recently put 3 vintage lenses to the test in a portrait shootout at 4 different locations. The 5-minute video above compares the Soligor 21mm f/3.8, Canon FD S.S.C. 50mm f/1.4, and Helios 103 53mm f/1.8 with a tilt adapter. Stern effectively shows how these vintage primes can ...

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