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Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017

“,”centerAdSlotHtml”:””,”topAdSlotHtml”:””,”slides”:[{“title”:”Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017″,”url”:”″,”imageUrl”:””,”imageWidth”:590,”imageHeight”:437,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”thumbnailWidth”:120,”thumbnailHeight”:89,”filmstripUrl”:””,”filmstripWidth”:135,”filmstripHeight”:100,”originalUrl”:””,”originalWidth”:607,”originalHeight”:450,”contentHtml”:”nn The high-end market has really heated up in 2017, with the introduction of new video and stills flagships from a range of manufacturers. As you might expect, you have your choice of sensor size and price point, but overall, we’ve been floored ...

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Top 5 news stories of the week on DPReview

“,”centerAdSlotHtml”:””,”topAdSlotHtml”:””,”slides”:[{“title”:”Top 5 Photography News Stories of the Week”,”url”:””,”imageUrl”:””,”imageWidth”:589,”imageHeight”:442,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”thumbnailWidth”:120,”thumbnailHeight”:90,”filmstripUrl”:””,”filmstripWidth”:133,”filmstripHeight”:100,”originalUrl”:””,”originalWidth”:2000,”originalHeight”:1500,”contentHtml”:”nn The world of photography news moves fast, with tens of interesting, tragic, educational, and inspirational stories breaking sometimes daily. To help parse through the noise and focus on the signal, each week, we’re going to recap the 5 top photography news stories ...

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Kuvrd is a Universal Waterproof and Dustproof Lens Cap

Tired of keeping track of all your different lens caps? Kuvrd’s Universal Lens Cap is a new “one size fits all” lens cap that is both water- and dust-proof. It’s made of silicon and can keep all (or most) of your lenses safe. The lens cap will stretch easily to ...

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