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A Taste of New York: A Hectic Helicopter Hyperlapse Tour of NYC

FilmSpektakel is back with another of their special ‘flowmotion’ hyperlapses, this time featuring the city that never sleeps: New York City. The production team behind ‘A Taste of Austria’ (featured here) spent 10 days taking 65,000 photographs to create the hectic video above. In A Taste of New York, Thomas ...

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Do NOT Bring this Weird Homebrew Rifle Stock Lens Through TSA

The folks at Fotodiox found one of the weirdest, most threatening lenses you’ll ever see at an antique store recently. Totally homemade—the thing doesn’t even include an aperture—this rifle stock lens is one we do NOT suggest you travel with… unless you really want to freak out the TSA. Bohus ...

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