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A Photo of Chicago’s Skyline Casting a Shadow on Lake Michigan

Back in November of 2015, filmmaker Daniel Riley created what he dubbed “the world’s brightest flashlight”: a 1000W LED panel that pumped out an insane 90000 lumens of light. This week, he took his invention to the skies. The lens that Sigma Art lovers have been waiting for is finally ...

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SpiderLight Holster offers quick access to lighter cameras

Spider Camera Holster has launched three new products on Kickstarter: the SpiderLight Holster and Plate, SpiderLight Backpacker, and Single Camera System. The SpiderLight Holster is a reworked version of the company’s Pro holster, one designed for smaller and lighter cameras like mirrorless models, while the Backpacker is an adaptor designed ...

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I Shot an Entire NFL Game with an iPhone 7

My name is Shawn Hubbard, and I’m the team photographer of the Baltimore Ravens football team in the NFL. I’ve always loved the challenge of shooting with a camera phone. For years my Instagram feed was “iPhone only” and I only followed users who abided by the same rule because ...

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