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The First Permanent Photo Exhibition in Space

Dr. Hersh Chadha is a photographer whose work is literally out of this world. Thanks to a collaboration with printing house Duggal Visual Solutions, Chadha’s work is now whizzing around the Earth on the International Space Station in a permanent photography exhibition.

An Indian photographer based in Dubai, Chadha’s “purpose of doing this was to let the human beings who live on the Space Station for so many months still be connected to Mother Earth,” brightening up the astronauts’ time on the spacecraft.

There are 5 images in the exhibition, and it is something that the innovative photographer has wanted to do for over 15 years, since his days back at Harvard University.

“To me, a flower symbolizes the beauty of life,” Dr. Chadha told Duggal. “Well, I can’t give you a flower to take to space, but I would like to give you these pictures of flowers that I took from around the world so that when you look at them–even in space–you get that feeling and truly experience ‘your world.’”

Dr Chadha surrounded by his photos.

How did it happen? Col. Valery Korzun of Moscow was able to arrange for the 5 images to be brought aboard the ISS during Expedition 49-50 in 2016.

In this 9-minute interview, more of an insight into the “astronomical” event is given.

Dr. Chadha was an honorary guest at Star City, Moscow, during the welcoming home of the ISS Expedition 49-50 astronauts, in June 2017. His photos, however, did not return — they have stayed strapped in aboard the ISS.

More of Dr. Chadha’s work can be found on his website, or you can follow him on Instagram.

(via Duggal via PDNPulse)

Image credits: Photographs by Duggal Visual Solutions

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